Customer Care

Special tanning techniques are used to enhance the natural skin, creating a sophisticated look and making it resistant to certain elements.

However, we recommend you observe the following care instructions so you can enjoy your leather bag or accessory for many years.

Avoid prolonged contact with other leathers and products, the colour of which could ‘migrate’ to the leather. The migration risk may particularly affect small leathergoods. Store the article in a felt or cloth pouch to protect it.

You should keep your Rachael Ruddick product dry and protect it from direct sources of heat.

Avoid exposure to sunlight, the colour of your leather article may fade.

Leather is permeable to grease and make up. Keep both grease and make up away from your product.

To clean Rachael Ruddick products, wipe all with a soft cloth.

Over time, it can be expected that the hardware of your Rachael Ruddick product will slightly fade.

Whilst the quality of manufacture is extremely high. The hardware should be considered the same as any costume jewellery. The metal is plated with 3 protective layers.