Rachael Ruddick is a full service creative firm specializing in interior, furniture and product design based in Florida and New York.

Bringing her Antipodean design philosophy, low-key style and earthy textures to her practice with the founding of Rachael Ruddick Studio, Rachael's successful induction into the world of interiors and product design speaks to her innate ability to tap into 'quiet luxury' while remaining practical and conscious-minded.

With a focus on uncomplicated living meets quality and craftsmanship – whether from second-hand heritage brands or up-and-coming designers - her signature 'in-the-know' style is defined by her effortless and elevated aesthetic.

Call this old world allure. Elegant. Understated. Mastery.

Originally from Tasmania, Australia, Rachael grew up in a family of property developers. From an early age, her exposure to design, architecture and hospitality refined her eye for interior design and luxury goods. She received her Hotel Management and International Trade education from Cornell University, IHTTI, Lausanne, and BMIHMS in Australia. After which, she worked with LVMH for 18 years as a senior executive in Paris, London, São Paulo, Los Angeles and New York with brands such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Moët and Chandon and Dom Perignon.

Having transitioned from the world of luxury goods to interiors, Rachael's successful induction into interior styling and product design results from her seasoned point of view and attention to detail. After creating a well-received custom leather trunk encasing a bottle of Champagne while at LVMH – a collaboration that resulted in a capsule of travel goods – Rachael founded Rachael Ruddick, a travel brand, in Australia in 2008. From there, the demand for her streamlined and sophisticated designs grew to be coveted by loyalists and collectors worldwide. When the company expanded to the United States and the UK, Rachael launched her interdisciplinary studio for commercial and residential spaces. She has seen success with significant global collaborations and pioneering design in events and spaces.



An interdisciplinary lifestyle brand and studio across hospitality, retail operations and residential design. This includes Rachael Ruddick's debut Home Collection, a quietly practical, luxury line of home, furniture and tabletop accoutrement designed to bring a sense of effortlessness home.