Gift Card Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (the “Gift Card Terms”) set out the terms that apply to buying and redeeming gift cards.

If you have any other questions regarding the gift cards or these Gift Card Terms please contact customer service at or +44 20 7501 1122. Victoria Beckham, Inc is referred to as “we, us and our” in these terms and conditions.

Can I redeem my gift card in the UK store on Dover Street, if I have bought this on the UK website?

Gift cards purchased on the US website can only be used online on the US website. The gift card is currently not available to redeem in any other country served via the international or the UK website.

How many gift cards can I redeem in one purchase?

You can only use one gift card per purchase. If you own multiple gift cards and you would like to use all of them for one purchase, please contact our Client Service at

Can I use my gift card in your Landmark store?

Gift cards can only be used on our US website for the time being.

Can I use my gift card in Bicester Village?

Gift cards can only be used on our US website for the time being.

What is the expiry date for a gift cards?

Gift cards not used within 24 months after purchase will expire and the balance be forfeited.

What is your return policy on purchases made with a gift card?

You have 14 working days from the day of the purchase to return purchases made with a gift card. Any refund will be made to your original method of purchase.

How do I redeem my gift card in store/online?

To redeem your gift card online you will need to use the code in the gift card field at the checkout. If you would like to use your gift card in store, you will need to show either the email or the Apple Wallet pass with the gift card to our store staff.

How do I activate my gift card?

The gift card does not require any activation and you can start using it as soon as you receive it.

Will I receive any notification when I have used my gift card?

The redeemed amount will appear in your order confirmation email.

How do I check my balance/credit left on my card?

You can check your balance via the link:

Alternatively, you can access the link directly via you Apple pass.

If I buy a gift card for a gift – what is the packaging like and can I add a personalized gift message?

The gift card is digital and you can add a personalized message. This will be received electronically via email by the recipient.

Can a gift card be exchanged for cash or credit?

Unfortunately, gift cards can only be used as part payment either on our US website.

Can I refund my gift card?

Unfortunately, the balance on the gift card shall not at any time be refunded, or exchanged for cash.

Is there a limit to how many times I can use my gift card?

You can use the gift card as many times and for as many purchases as you like until the total balance of the gift card has been used up.

Can I transfer the balance of one gift card to another gift card?

No, you cannot transfer the balance on a gift card to another gift card.

What happens if the gift card is lost, damaged or stolen? 

We shall not replace any gift card that is lost, stolen or damaged except in accordance with your legal rights, for example, if the gift card is defective, or not of satisfactory quality, at the time of delivery or in the case of a change of format of the gift card.

By buying/using a Gift Card You acknowledge that:

The gift card is at all times the property of Victoria Beckham, Inc; and

The gift card is not a cheque guarantee, credit or charge card.

After using the gift card, the remaining balance available on the gift card shall be the difference between the balance available prior to the purchase and the relevant amount used up in such purchase.

You agree that a gift card is not personal to you and that whoever has the gift card can use it.

Gift cards obtained through any unlawful means shall be null and void and they shall not be used to purchase products, nor shall the remaining balance on the Gift card be refunded.

We shall have the right to:

Cancel any gift card at any time and shall refund the amount remaining on the cancelled Card;

Limit the amount of gift cards purchased by any customer or other entity;

Limit the total amount of money place on each gift card; and

Refuse to sell a gift cardard to any customer which it believes, in its sole opinion, is in breach of these terms and conditions or any other terms and conditions put in place by us.
These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with and be governed by the laws of New York state.  The courts of New York shall have jurisdiction to settle any claim, dispute or issue between the parties whether arising out of or in connection with these terms or otherwise.

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time where we reasonably consider it necessary to do so.