Styling and Sourcing

How we live, what surrounds us and the memories we make is even more important today.

My design ethos is driven by a passion to articulate a story, that embraces authenticity, modernity and heritage simultaneously. To me this is true luxury and creates an underlying elegant tension.

From design, image and styling, to product development and branding.
I started Rachael Ruddick in 2008, as a result of leading a simple and successful project, to design and build a Champagne trunk celebrating the release of a Vintage Rose Champagne.

I felt passionate about the creation and It was at this time I saw a niche to create products with a core focus on minimal branding, craftsmanship and sourcing coveted materials all at my doorstep, including Stingray, Australian salt-water Crocodile, Watersnake and matte buttersoft calfskin.

From this time, we have worked with Apple, Qantas, and created private label products for a number of luxury brands. Coupled with this advise on image and branding.